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Work Out with a Personal Trainer


I’m a NASM certified fitness trainer working out of a private fitness studio in North Seattle. In my blog you’ll find information about my journey from an obese, type 2 diabetic, to a healthy, non-diabetic. My goal here is to give you a little inspiration to get you started and give you a few ideas for work outs.

Don’t have a lot of time for working out? I’ve developed a 30-minute workout system that will get you stronger.

Sessions are in 6 week packages. Workout twice a week or three times a week for 30 minutes one-on-one. Do the work and see the results! I’m accepting clients now for this new program.

If you’re interested in training with me in a private, one-on-one setting please email me at for more information. Sessions are 50 minutes or 30 minutes depending on your package. Per-session rates vary depending on the payment package you choose.

Email me and let’s get started on a stronger you!

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