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Eating Out

Sometimes you just don’t want to cook.

One of the biggest challenges to eating fresh, whole and low-carb is going out to eat with friends. I try to support restaurants that prepare real food from fresh ingredients. If I see trucks that specialize in delivering prepared and/or processed foods outside a restaurant, I don’t eat there.

Some tips for eating out: For appetizers go for the cheese plate or antipasto. With entrees, I like a dish where the protein is the star and the carbs such as potatoes or pasta have a small supporting role. I stay away from pasta and rice dishes. Depending on how my eating has been for the week, I will either eat part of the starchy side or ask them to be left off the plate so I’m not tempted. For dessert, oftentimes a group of us will order a couple desserts and just have tastes. You get the feeling of having dessert without scarfing down 50 grams of carbs by yourself. I limit myself to one glass of wine with dinner.

Mexican Cuisine: You can still go out for Mexican food with friends. I order the fajitas and have them just bring the sizzling pan of meat and veggie filling. Skip the rice, beans, tortillas and chips. Dress it up with salsa and pico de gallo.

Breakfast: Going out for breakfast can be tricky. Pancakes, waffles, hashbrowns and the like aren’t an option for me, so I tend to look for places that have a lot of omelet or egg choices and then sub out the hashbrowns, etc. for a green salad. One of my favorite places for breakfast in Seattle is Americana (formerly Table 219).

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