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Next Week’s Drill

Work Out for Week of February 14, 2011

Start Valentine’s Day with a nice, sweaty workout!

Do each exercise as many times as you can in 30 seconds, then move right onto the next one. You don’t get a break until you’ve gone through all five exercises. Then take a 2 minute break and do it all again until you’ve done five rounds. Make sure every rep uses good form so you don’t hurt yourself!

Bodyweight Squats
Standing Overhead Press with small dumbbells
Jumping Jacks
Alternating Bicep Curls with small dumbbells
Crunches on the floor or on a stability ball

That’s all there is to it! It takes about 30 minutes and if you do it right you’ll be sucking wind at the end. Now go drink some water.

(Just a reminder if you don’t know what an exercise looks like, do a search online for an example. There are a ton of sites that show video of how each of these exercises are executed.)



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