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Happy New Year—Time to Work Out!

Here’s a workout I borrowed from another trainer. I’ve modified it a bit from the original idea.

Start with a deck of playing cards.

Get rid of the Jokers.

Shuffle the deck.

Assign an exercise to each suit.

For example:

Spades=Squats—either body weight, or hold a dumbbell in your hands close to your chest.

Clubs=Overhead press—with either a bar or dumbbells



Pull a card and perform the exercise represented by the suit, the number of reps shown on the card. Face cards are 10 reps. For example, for the 9 of spades you would do 9 squats.

Aces are 1-minute rests. You get 4 rests and you don’t know when they will come.

Keep going until you run out of cards. It is about a 30- to 38-minute workout.

You can use any exercise you can think of for this. Make sure you mix it up so you’re getting a good balance of pushing and pulling, upper body and lower body, plus abs.

Have fun!


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