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a reformed diabetic talks about food, fitness training and life after diabetes

What the…?

My ex was not completely on board with this whole foods, carb-controlled, exercise-like-a-madwoman sort of lifestyle, so you can imagine that things got a little rocky now and again. One night she told me that out of curiosity she looked at the label on the frozen dinner she was eating.

The ingredient list started, innocently enough, with potatoes. (Okay. That’s real food.) Second ingredient—“seasoned cooked beef product.” Huh? This does not sound like food. It contains “beef, water, dextrose, soybean oil, modified cornstarch, potassium chloride, salt, potassium and sodium phosphates, caramel color [and] natural flavors.” She told me that she got this picture in her head of meat being liquified, then having crap added to it, reshaped, frozen and then she was supposed to eat it after all that. She’s told me she’s only going to eat frozen dinners which contain distinctly identifiable meat from now on. Either that or stop looking at ingredient labels.

She also found this actual product at a local grocery store—apples that are injected with grape juice so that the apple tastes like a grape. I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

What’s wrong with just eating an apple that tastes like an apple? Or eating meat that doesn’t have corn products and “natural [meat] flavors” added?



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